Aqoonaa stands for Knowledge. It was inspired by the phrase Hakuna Matata which means ‘no worries’ because with us around, you have nothing to worry about. Our products have been created from learnings rooted in one of India’s ancient and finest herbs - cannabis, in the form of industrial hemp, a super ingredient.


We understand that sometimes, you need an escape or just a pause in your step to do the right thing for your wellness. It could be finding an exercise regimen, eating right or just taking time for yourself to feel good, inside out. That’s how Aqoonaa came to be. Our intention is to bring your soul in tune with our wonderful products.


These products are made from the purest hemp, which is sourced from absolutely untouched environs of the mountains. It is processed and tested in credible laboratories to ensure that we bring you clean, effective and ethically sourced natural solutions for all your needs.


To make wellness a part of your routine by being your #NaturAlly and bringing your Soul In Tune.


BIOSPARK-HEALTHCARE is passionate about quality and innovation. We believe in the healing powers of Nature, the Ayurvedas and the Sciences. We strive hard in research, formulating and testing in order to deliver the best to our community.

Our team of researchers and formulators across the globe have come together to help bring your Soul In Tune and embark on a journey of well-being.